Real Time Reporting

An easily scalable reporting system that offers full transparency

Return On Investment Report

This enables the client to fill in their mailing expenditure alongside the number of responses thus providing data on ROI.

Full Set Of Financial Reports

Your finance team will be offered a full set of financial reports alongside scanned images of cheques, Gift Aid Declaration and paying in slips to enable full transparency and assist in dealing with any queries with the bank that may arise.

Marketing Reports

Reports with details of all responses categorised by campaign or date range enables your team to monitor campaigns in live time to ascertain which DM / Door Drop / Newspaper Ad is working best.

Other reports offered include (but not limited to):

  • Stock Management
    • Goods In
    • Stock Report
  • Call & Query Reports
    • Call Report
    • Query Report
  • Data Capture Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Marketing Reports